WEEKEND for families

The Keith Cabin

Penokee, Ks.

  If you are in need of a place to stay in Graham County, for whatever reason, Keith Cabin located in  Penokee, Kansas  is the place for you.  Located just a mile south of the Highway 24 and 84 Junction, 6 miles west of Hill City, it is in the heart of hunting and country living.   Penokee is  a quiet little town right next to the Solomon River where deer and turkey are aplenty, and pheasants and quail are abundant.  Just a half a block from the blacktop, the Cabin can sleep up to 10 people comfortably, (more if you add an air mattress!) 
It has all the amenities including a fully equipped kitchen, BBQ Grill, 2 full bathrooms (showers) one upstairs and one downstairs and
​ Dish network TV.  Internet is also available.
​NEWLY ADDED: We have 1 RV Hook up around the East side of the house where there is parking.
It is mostly handicapped accessible.  It even has a porch swing to watch those beautiful Kansas sunsets.  It is great for whatever group you have, families, couples or just a bunch of the guys wanting to do some hunting and get away from it all.   Our business is close at hand, so we are always available. 
Please contact us at 785-421-2897 or cell phone at 785-421-8671 if you are interested.
Joe and Karen Keith

Easily Accessible